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So, you want to DV more than you're allowed to with your account and made an alt just to do that?

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I can see the thought process behind your accusation

That was not my thinking but it is what it is.

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LOL It's pretty much just rewording what you yourself said. Pretty much this:

"I don't get to DV enough, so I made an alt to DV more which will signal my displeasure and make content I don't like less discoverable for other people! I don't like the rules and wish to manipulate the system, even though I'm not actually an active contributor."

As such, I feel obligated to DV your post and replies to me. I can relate to your sentiment, but I can't condone manipulation beyond that of operating within the limits of expected behavior. It's nothing personal, but that seems like a pretty shitty thing to do. It'd be equally shitty if you were voting in the opposite direction as the goal. It'd be equally shitty if you were to use up votes on me or DV things I also disagreed with.

It's a bit like a democracy, one person and one vote. Two accounts is still one person. I won't ping them, but the rPV and PV folks might be infuriated by this. I also understand that they've banned folks for similar behavior in the past.

Note: I'm immune to that sort of thing. I've got more CCP and SCP than folks could deplete. So, it's not for my sake that I write this. It's for the integrity that remains to the system. You do what you feel you need to do. I just think you should be aware of what it looks like and what the effects may be.

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It seems very odd to make an alt then tell us.

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I need the 100 points in order to downvote.

Easiest way to do so it make a post.

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Am same fag.