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Jeremy Corbyn, Naz Shah, Diane Abbot, Ken Livingstone, Baroness Warsi - **racists and anti-semites **

You need to go back to reddit you kike loving niggerfaggot.

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ok so i was going to come in and welcome the dear leader to voat

visit /v/soapdoxbanhammer


but then you started going on about the uk

are you british

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But how do you feel about Jews you niggerfaggot?

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Pedantic rather than pithy. Welcome anyway.


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Pedantic? pithy? WTF? There's no agenda or wit, they're things I hate, and the list gets longer.

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God damn, nobody gives a shit about your wall of text, niggerfaggot.

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This is not facebook, if you dont want to discuss something, dont bring it up, makes you sound like a teenager "muh deal with it".

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I'm putting out the hate, glad to see it found a target

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If youre a britbong your opinion is instantly irrelevant. Move to a non 3rd world shit hole then we can talk.

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First world shit-hole if you please, for the time being anyway. Anyway, what the fuck are Bangladeshis doing on your southern border?

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You sound really fuckin' annoying.

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Mission accomplished...

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