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What is geocaching? Explain like I'm 5. It's like scavenger hunting or something?

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People hide little things around. You can look up online for gps coordinates and little clues for where the cache is hidden. You go find it...

I dunno. To me its super gay hahha. Just go for a walk.

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You hit the nail squarely on the head. People hide caches and others use GPS to get a general idea of where to start looking. It's pretty fun if you've got family and/or friends with you.

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Awesome, thanks.

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people play all over the world and some go to extreme lengths, but there was a website made to keep track of them all they should all be down a trail or out in an area a person needs to see really like hey THIS IS A COOL FUCKIN POINT OF INTEREST instead of leaving a box full of whatever pokemon cards a spinner and some other shit you put one toy or thing in and take one out why it was explained to me

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Golly gee. Welcome aboard. Don't act like a faggot. State your mind. Making positive contributions is fine. Just speak the truth, not libtard bullshit. -Timmuh!

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If youre a nigger who supports censorship in any way shape or form gb2reddit.

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I don't, and I can't go back to somewhere I've never been. Thanks for the welcome wagon, faggot, I'm enjoying myself already.

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Thats the reason i am here is REDDIT CENSORSHIP.... i still reddit more than i voat but i voat for a reason tetetete

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What took you so long to stop lurking :-).

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I generally dislike people, and I just don't care much for interactions that aren't organic or face-to-face. Even when I was dumb enough to use Facebook many years ago, my interactions were very limited. It's not because of some superiority complex or anything, I'm just not much of a socialite online. I'm trying to make changes, though, so here I am.

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I hope you are good at detecting genuine interactions here. There are many shills and jews infiltrating this place.

If you plan to share photos from hiking or geocaching, you may want to strip your metadata off the pictures before uploading. Sometimes the site doesn't wipe the metadata for you, which could potentially expose your GPS data.

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My interests include hiking, shooting and geocaching.

You would have a blast here in my neck of the woods. There are several caches close to my location that tourists leave goodies in.

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Don't go raiding without leaving something behind!

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I leave handmade knives.

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Hello! Geocaching is a great hobby, because you need to travel and discover new places :)

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Agreed, it's led me to do more exploring than I usually anticipate doing while hiking. That's just part of the experience, though, and I welcome it.

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