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You are trying too hard, shill plant.

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Hi fellow voater, I am a fellow voater my selfy just like you! I fkin hate reddit, Elen Pao is a nazi lmao hehe

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Byte the Pillow Faggot @mumbleberry You are going in Dry!!!!

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Just saying hi to my fellow voats.


fellow voats.



Stand up from your computer chair. Walk out your front door. Turn around and place your head between the lock stile and door jamb. Slam your door shut as hard as you can.

If you're still conscious, do it again. More points if the door shuts fully.

I'm somewhat new to voat, been around for maybe 4 months, can't remember.

What degenerate cuddle-fuck CareBear farm on Voat do you think can excuse your title?

All I know is that I've been red pilled numerous times. The quality of content keeps demanding my return.

Lurk moar.

I hope to be a significant contributer in the current age of rampant denialism, indoctrination and mind numbing political correctness.

Lurk. Moar.

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@Mumbleberry @doob @heygeorge @projection

Thought y'all might enjoy.

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Anybody know where I can get sum dat 10CCP man? I just need to post sumpin. Don't worry bb m jus like u!

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Hammer, nail, direct hit etc.

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Lol, thanks mate. You made my night. I appreciate the care you took in that roast. Much love.

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Get the fuck out.

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Sure thing.

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Please direct some users to this high quality content you are praising.

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I was thinking of certain topics like holohoax 6 million Jews gassed, media control, Jewish control in West, Israel Palestine conflict, and biased history etc. These different ideas don't even have to be true, the mere difference in opinion has caused be to begin re-evaluating what I took for granted. The whole of Voat has been an eye opener for me because it exposed me to a place where people express what they think and feel. This may not be new to you but it is for me. Cheers mate.

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exposed me to a place where people express what they think and feel

Yeah I suppose that can be offputting for many.

I was just hoping you'd link a specific example!

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Please give me a date for the commencement of your posts, I'll mark it on my calendar and count down the number of sleeps. Wow, this is just soooo exciting.

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Lol, cheers man. I'll be right on it.

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wowwww, trying hard much????

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do you have macro on your keyboard that prints "nigger-faggot" with one key? If not, you should fuck off back back to digg.

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No no thanks thanks.

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You won't last. Good try though.

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Do you like basted eggs?

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I like cheese.

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What kind of cheese?