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Jews are cancer, niggers are the STD of the world and beaners smell funny. Welcome, JIDF kike.

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Another lurker in v/introductions. Do all the recent lurker v/introductions posts seem organic? Really makes me hmmmm

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So downvoat. IDC. Been here 2.8 years. Just want to be able to post now and then. I am a goat believe it or not. If your fear is too intense,simply ignore or DV. I'm still gonna read and comment now and then. This shit right here is why I never used v/introductions. Came from reddshit when the shills took over and kept to myself. I was soooo tired of any truth resulting in endless bullshit arguments and irritation. My opinion is mine and IDC who likes it. Now go fuck off.

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Welcome my nigga faggot kike. I've been around since the beginning although I've changed names often. It's taken me over three years to become a HugeDouche.

Godspeed in your endeavors to become the most obnoxious, racist, anti-semitic faggot ever. Just remember I'm doing doctoral level research here son. You have a lot of catching up to do.

Now don't be a retard and be sure to contribute the worst of your black heart to voat.

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Free speech nigga, I am not going anywhere.

Gtfo with your "hurr durr i am a loner" bs story, I would believe you if you werent 100th lurker coming out of the shadows this week (dramatizing).

Tagged, gl with your mission ;)

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I like posting to whatever and the joke subs (f /v/fakedinofacts or /v/haiku ). Post often and ignore the AM radio crowd.

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Nice username! Used to do that. Changed jobs,they have randoms,no more weekend baking :( I start Monday at a new place,same job minus randoms! Assuming your a weekend smoker,if not ignore and enjoy your cookies!

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Your rose bushes are creeping onto my property, trim them before I get my chainsaw out!

And why the fuck would you post something like this?

Go post something or call somebody a fagget! Your mum is obviously working on being a great grand mum so you obviously don’t need her permission!

Thanks for your service to the country that is shitting on you. (Not being sarcastic here).

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I actually have roses that are out of control! Freaked me out there. So am I not understanding? I can post? But can't Dv? I though I couldn't do either. And my Mum is in jar,Taint sniffer!

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DV all to hell for I care!

You didn’t reply back in time! My lawn is littered with roses petals! :-)

I plan to go the Jar route too. If your mum was hot, you can be on the shelf next to her!

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If you're legit: just do your thing. If you are a recently-purchased account - which we're aware has been going on - neck yourself.

Either way: welcome, and prepare your anus.

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I would be willing to sell my Reddshit account. Been sitting there dormant all this time. Chock full of pre-awakening thoughts on how libs ruled. Woke the fuck up. My anus is an exit! Choke on a soy burger!

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Jews did 9/11

Welcome to Voat.co


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Be polite! that's Mr.Nigger to you!

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Glad you are posting.