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Welcome to Voat. Enjoy your stay. If you care about truth you'll grow thick enough skin to see past the slurs, which have become an inevitability here. If you can't grow thick skin then I question whether you were ever dedicated to truth to begin with.


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Yup. Thanks for the welcome!


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Use night mode, it is the little button with the light bulb.

Or go on being an insane curry nigger, either or.


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listen here, poo in loo, you are a disgusting subhuman that doesn't deserve to live. i sincerely hope you fall under the train you stand on to travel, and that after you're dead, all your disgusting gut parasites eat your rotting corpse.

p.s. @peaceseeker is a paid shill. voat is owned and operated by SJWs, the site is dying, most long-time users have left, the front page is largely filled with shill and bot posted trash and reposts. enjoy, poonigger.


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That's beautiful man....