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You have to go back. Fuck off back to Reddit. We're full.

Build the damned firewall!

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Realize that to survive here you will need thicker skin than Reddit because there is far less outright censorship so autistic motherfuckers like tallest_skil will routinely call you a kike and tell you to go kill yourself.

They're basically just passingly functional autists and need helmets to leave the house without hurting themselves so feel free to just ignore 'em.

Oh, and go fuck yourself. Welcome to voat!

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sounds perfectly fine to me. thx

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i think i found my new home.

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Fuck off you autistic faggot. You need to actually wash your mouth out with buckshot or get the fuck off my board.

It took you this long to get the hell off of Reddit? I don't believe it for a second. The last thing Voat needs is more retard cucks so


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I'm a long time lurker on several subverses(actually only Pizzagate

Learn to just talk to folk. You start the sentence with a lie and then figure your audience will feel honored that you came clean at the end. Pathetic, dude. Just downright pathetic.

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i visited a few subs here, but i only come here for this one particular sub. thats why i started the sentence with it.

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There's plenty of room in the tree for the pedophile kikes brother! I'll focus on nigger execution you can be in charge of pedophile extermination. Admittedly your job would be more satisfying as you wouldn't have to stomp on baby niggers skulls. I guess I could alternate between a boot and a bat.

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What's up? Faggot PotterNigger.

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You speak like a nigger. You act like a nigger. Your name is a nod to NIggerPotter and you have thin skin like a kike loving nigger faggot. Head back to your safe space, queer.

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You're on the right track even for a complete niggerfaggot!

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You write like a Minecraft fanfic author. I blocked you.

[–] Lord_Voldevoat [S] 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

you didnt block me. want a sample?

Once upon a time there was blacksheepbrouhaha, his mom caught him sucking off a creeper...[paywall]

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