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Fuck you, blah blah blah, use night mode, eat a dick.

Welcome. You'll be insulted roundly, probably be banned from some subs you've never heard of out of the blue, and eventually be called a shill. Just roll with it.

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It's well known you aren't allowed to question Trump in any way on T_D. Their safe space is not to be violated.

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I got banned for casually grazing the JQ. Half the T_D mods are zionist jews.

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Did you know know that whitecismale and gaysexlube sold mod positions to JIDF a year and a half ago

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Goddamn you whinge more than my daughter and I constantly tell her that all she seemingly does is breathe and whinge. Unironically kill yourself you attention seeking faggot.

Welcome to voat.

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This made my day, thanks for the kind words. I hope you kill yourself.

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Fuck off we're full.

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I don't give a shit if you guys disagree with me or hate me or call me every possible insult as long as I get to say my piece.

Ye, that's the point here.

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So your favorite gay bar kicked you out for being gay and now you want to go elsewhere to fag up the joint. Great.

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You're late, i'm already in too deep.

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I've been here for a while. I'm not late, you nigger. Respect your elders, homo. Jeeze, I see why you keep getting banned. haha.

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The US government, including trump, is a big jew puppet. The real government is who controls the federal reserve and the media, jews. trump has several jewish children, his children are all married to jews. Attacking syria is a jewish move.

Note the specific 'no anti-semitism' on TD.





I've been banned from reddit more times than I can recall, 100s from many different subreddits, much useful information to spread about.

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