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I hope your diabetes kills you, you fucking traitor niggerfaggot. No one believes you hate censorship because you've been an inactive Reddit-cuck. Fuck off.

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Well fuck you too buddy. Can i get some upgoats because I want to post? You fucking bitchnigger.

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You can never tell around here if when someone calls you a faggot if they are just being 'friendly' goats or not.

Let me assure you that I don't do that.

You sound like a faggot with that 'lovely fucks' crap.

Faggots should get tossed off a building.

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quit being a faggot and suck that dick

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I agree, faggots need to be tossed off a building.

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Quit switching to the side that makes you feel better in the moment and take a fucking stand.

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Only thing I Reddited for was that sweet, sweet WeekendGunnit shitpost watching. Fuck the rest of it, though.

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jews did 9/11

welcome to voat


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Nobody cares that you love reddit, faggot

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Welcome back redtard. Keep up with all the Q links. And be made aware that soapboxbanhammer, soapdoxbanhammer, shitposterstavern and all related subvoats are posting-points for encoded CIA communication. More research is needed, but these communications have all been decoded. We're not going to share them until we get $45.00 in patreon payments per month.

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It's true, sDbh comms are dark opz encoded lingo.

Beep boop @clamhurt_legbeard

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hi you fat hick.

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