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When they take a nig nog and make it a historical white figure, I think everyone knows this is ridiculous. However, I think that there is a big problem with a lack of narrative. Nobody is putting forth the strong and true narrative that these people were European and because of their European character traits and abilities, they were able to do what they did. Of course they were also supported by a history and surrounding environment of European progress and abilities. What they say about standing on the shoulders of giants is true. Mozart would not have been Mozart without the prior musicians who figured out things about music that Mozart could simply sit down and learn rather than having to figure them out. Calculus was figured out and advanced by people who were fed a number system and a mountain of prerequisite mathematics.

It is the European people who made such advancements possible.


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cannibals cannibalize partly by claiming everything is theirs with superior vocal skills(they lie better than beta male workers can tell a truth) cannibals mimic their prey to get closer to them (like deer hunters wearing camouflage) to be within attacking distance, cannibals sing dance, wear makeup and accesories to attract their prey, large numbers of subsaharan cannibals are currently wearing euroethnic clothing...