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I got all the way to "survived the holocaust" before I had that reaction, but then I read the rest before posting.

we got played gud

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Lol thanks. I've actually been browsing here a while just made an account not too long ago

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That's the best way to enter sites like Voat or the Chans: go nice and slow, learn the culture, and whatever you do, DO NOT try to force the site's regulars to change their behaviors for your benefit.

Welcome to Voat, niggerfaggot.

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OP trolled you hard and it was delicious. Excellent joking all around.

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Lol I downvoated this submission then changed that to an upvoat after the "kidding" part.

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Lol, had me going there. Welcome to Voat, niggerfaggot.

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You almost got me. Good job faggot.

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Welcome faggot. Reply to fucking comments so you can get more upvotes, nigger.

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Ok I'll try

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Kick out refugees and buy more guns.

Oh youuu, you got me.

I still used reddit though, a ton, spreading information and trolling, super useful stuff.

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You've been shadowbanned for 3 years and can't figure out why no one ever replies to you.

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Reddit is my little trolling playground now. Way too easy to get them all upset

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Read the first paragraph, downvoated the submission. Read the rest of the post, upvoated instead.

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Well that's good.

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Fuck you and your introduction, kikefaggotnigger.

Go back to Reddit.

Welcome to Voat.

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Get fucked, asshole!

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AssHAT, get it right.

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