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Report this wanker for posting without a permit. Other people had to wait years to get their shitposting license, get in line grandpa.

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Do Brits have to pay for shitposting licenses like they do for TV licenses?

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But regardless of permit, all posts are subject to random continual monitoring by the shariah,gulp, I mean thought council for the prevention of negative thinking.

Your post has been flagged as wrongthink. Please report to nearest re-education center for processing. Failure to comply will result in your Muslim anal gang rape and final liquification.

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Yes, in respect.

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Fuck off, retard.

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Is this where I get to say something rude such as "Nigger Faggot" or "Go sit on your Picklehaube, von Dibble!" ?

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no. it is where you mention holy war against the crown.

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Muslims are rapists whose pedophile prophet, Muhammad, worshipped a demonic entity.

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Pedophile? That is a terrible slur against Muslims. Why, even the Pope endorses Islam and the Catholic church famous for its tough line against pedophiles, it's their Cardinal Law!

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G...God save the qoran!

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Use a VPN, or your asshole will be stretched out by all your prison muzzies!

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You got a permit?

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"Islam might not be the best thing in the world."

Enjoy jail for having illegal speech in your inbox, fruitcake <3

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jews did 9/11

welcome to voat


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