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Who are you claiming to be? The owner of Bitchute.com?

How do we know you aren't some random person LARPing?

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It's a fair question, I guess time will tell?

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How will time tell? Surely you have a official social media account or something. I understand why you are relunctant to share to everybody you are on voat but there are ways you can subtly prove it is you.

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welcome aboard

we are less moderated then 4chan and we'll fight to the death for your freedom of speech

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if you're really the person you say you are, put a link to voat on the front page of bitchute, partner that shit.

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Yes like I said I think we could put in a VOAT share button if it has one, I'd much prefer to support alternative tech.

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Store closed because Voat's credit card processor abandoned Voat. There was / is a bitcoin address, and I think it's still managed, though it was accidentally removed from the sidebar of /v/all, and as a result most (including myself) are reluctant to donate to it until it is added back.

Not sure about your share button question; I thought there was at least one website out there that had a "share to Voat" button among their other share buttons. Maybe they just used scripts? Not sure.

Are you one of bitchute's creators? Welcome to Voat whatever the case. I used to think vimeo would be the YouTube alternative that grew the biggest and replaced YouTube, at least for the alt-right, alt-tech etc types who are often banned or censored off of mainstream platforms, but then vimeo went bankrupt or otherwise pulled the plug. bitchute's what I use now, whenever I have to host videos of my own.

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Thanks for the welcome.

Yes I am one of the founders, that's me in the video talking with Dave Cullen of Computing Forever.

That was vidme, vimeo is still going but they have adopted a more corporate model and are prone to censoring content.

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Ah yes, it was vidme I was thinking of, my mistake.

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cool, enjoy your time here its a mad house maybe like 4chan or way back when twitter/youtube was un-moderated