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Yea, not exactly a cheerleader for Israel, but I've driven an armored D7 (similar to a D9) and your ability to see and keep track of everyone around you is shit even if they're not being an ass-hat.

Even if you wanted to drive someone over you'd have a hard time because of how terrible your visibility is.

Lady deserves the Darwin award and nothing more.

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Clearly the best solution was for the Israeli jackass to just start driving around the protestors, is that what you're saying?

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  1. He was Russian

  2. Seeings as that your ability to see a bulldozer is infinitely better than said bulldozer's ability to see you, you should probably mind the bulldozer.

Like I said, not a fan of a lot of what Israel does, but in this case the story that the dozer didn't see her is 100% probable. The only reason I could even park the D7 was because I had a guy on the ground guiding me the way.

Those dozers have a maximum top speed of 7mph, and that's without the armor, it's not like it's even mechanically capable of chasing you down or anything. If you willfully put yourself in front of it you're playing a stupid game.

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Don't stand in front of a moving bulldozer.

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Don't drive a bulldozer into protestors.

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this woman chose a side bettwen the lizards and the feral apes. not sure we should be happy regardless of who wins.

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We wouldn't even have a muslim problem if we didn't have a jewish problem. Let that sink in and then pick sides.

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youre saying this like they havent already tried to invade europe before. theyre both pest.

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How the fuck are you shitposting in this hellhole then ya lying little cunt?

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... And I deserved it!

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What they are doing to the Palestinians will eventually be done to all white people on earth if things keep going in this direction. Look at South Africa. To say she or the Palestinians deserve it is to say your own people deserve it.

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Most of them (my "people") do deserve it. Humans exist to be subjugated.