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Welcome,this is not as censored as Reddit, so I hope that you'll feel better at Voat. :)

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I hope so, but I'm not getting too excited just yet until the masses come and people start.. stretching the rules.

I hope we can find a safe new home but I've been burnt before.

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What rules? Nigger faggot!

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Yeah they gay. Welcome.

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Start here or you won’t last long


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Likewise. This site seems less user friendly im not sure why exactly. Reddit has gotten way to pc. Its gotten to the point where its very similar content to facebook.

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It's such a shame to leave so many people behind, to those who used to PM me daily I hope you come here and continue to ask questions and be safe.

It's such a depressing state of affairs when saving lives is frowned up and penalised - but hopefully this is like all other forms of cencership - a chance for the community to take a step forward and become closer and more resilient. Everyone deserves compassion and help and in a world where we're let down by local schemes the so called free internet is our only hope.

I'm around to answer medical and harm reduction questions, I also did an AMA on running an anti fraud team so I have experience of the do's and Dont's of fraud (unless you're stealing from people then to he'll with you)

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