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Sell anything here and you won't last long. Voat runs on ad revenue and user donations only and doesn't take kindly to sales pitches. Otherwise, have your say.


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We never did on reddit either, we worked incredibly hard at reporting anybody trying to sell drugs off market. It was clean. Our main goal was safety, security, education on dnms, keeping people from getting scammed and getting rid of those who tried to scam other individuals. take a loo https:///www.reddit.com/thesilkroad to see what I mean. Even since the early days we never did as you described.


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That's cool. Just sayin' because we had some attempt to do so in the past. Other than that, we're a free and open place for anything legal.


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To all of the anonymous posters talking shit about me. I joined here from reddit as backup plan months ago and never started posting till yesterday.

I told everyone in our community to upvote eachother so we could message the moderators easier about scams, threats, harassment, illegal sales of drugs, etc. Things that would break the rules. I also stayed on reddit a few extra days and got word to as many subs that on the verge of getting banned about voat, as well as getting banned from many of those subs for even mentioning my subreddit. So please don't anonymously call me out on vote ratio. Somebody upvoted me in a thread that I was a hero and I ended up getting 60 votes from that for staying on reddit and help get our 100k+ subscriber community had moved to this location as a backup plan. I was posting to be genuinely nice, I just got a death/suicide threat, now more anonymous voters are calling me out some how vote boosting?