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Sunday's we have movie nights with goats on v/MoviesWithGoats, we watch together a movie in real-time and comment on it. Last week we watched Demolition Man staring Silvester Stalone and Wesley Snipes, a early 90s cheezy futuristic action film, suprisingly redpillish.

edit: https://voat.co/v/MoviesWithGoats/2467035 We are voting for the next movie

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Ya figure out how to use the seashells yet?...

I haven't.

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Excuse my ignorance, what do you mean by seashells?

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Sounds right up my alley.

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Well shit. I too run a pirate stream, one of the last of the old /b/ streams that started 10 years ago. Still using a live rtmp stream cause we never migrated to synchtube clones. I am glad to hear that voat has a regular stream going and I only wish I had found out sooner. I will definitely be by to check it out.

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I believe last week was the first time, i might be wrong though but it is very newish. Last Sunday there were 6-7 of us, very comfy and no feelings of a crowd.

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Damn I missed that, going to check out that sub soon. Would love to do that.

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Shilling my own sub if you don't mind: v/staticwebpages

Its not politics.

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I just subbed your sub. I'm really into this shit. I'm a web developer and I miss the old days.

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I did the same, found some interesting shit over there already. Cool sub :)

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i will sub to it

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jews did 9/11

welcome back to voat


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no problem buddy

come post in /v/soapboxbanhammer

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一年を通して、ウェブサイトの声明を書いている唯一のことは、社会正義の戦士であることを公然と認めているニューハーフだったことをご存知でしたか? @fuzzywords @puttitout

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shakai seigi no senshi. Social justice warrior. Is that the term japanese use or just a literal translation of sjw? ahahhahahahaha

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I find if you contribute it tends to take off as it encourages others as well.

Welcome to the non-lurking stage, I look forward to seeing ya around

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Same here, I came over when the fph guys did, but I stopped contributing after a while. Looking to get back into things

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just left rEdit myself for gundeals, also into tabletop gaming. so i'll prolly see you around, niggerfag

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What's your table top game of choice you old fart? I'm gonna guess DnD

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40k but right now more blood bowl and guild ball.

Tog wise still a pathfinder fan. DnD has fallen to the tumbler generation

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Pathfinder is making a new edition http://paizo.com/pathfinderplaytest/faq#v5748eaic9wef

fallen to the tumblr generation

Speaking of...

You still pick a race, even though it is now called your ancestry.

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We have /v/rpg. I tried to liven it up last year, but no one uses it nowadays unfortunately.

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Came from eddit a few days ago. One thing that sticks out to me is I look forward to messages in my inbox here. If someone responded to me on the other site it was always cancer. I can be way more active here and not have to worry about some asshole loading my inbox with shit. Not that I really care what they say, it's just nice to not be attacked for my opinion.

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I haven't been on that site in years... Is it really that bad? I use to lurk for years before that so I honestly got no idea.

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Well I commented in The_Donald and got banned from like 5 subs I don't post in. They proactively censor people there now and the only thing you get from a well thought out comment is ad hominems, threats and nonsense. It's pretty bad if you differ from the hive mind.

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