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Hi buddy, what subverses are you planning on being active in?

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That's not a subverse.

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Who are you and where did you come from?

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I'm a 28 year old male, I come from a small snowy state in the US. My eyes got opened finally during the 2016 election. I'm not exactly a reddit-fag. I only used that site for MMA related content. It only took a few days looking at /r/politics, worldnews etc etc to see that the place was a liberal shithole(liberal propaganda) full of pansies who are offended by everything. I came over to voat as soon as i heard about it and you seem like my people.

i'd upvoat you but i've already used all my upvoats for my 24 hours. My plan is to try red pill as many people as possible. Reddit is pretty much totally brainwashed but there is a few there that can be saved. Everyone counts, if everyone i redpill redpills someone else it can cause a nice chain reaction. Im only one person so I'm doing the best I can do to inform people the jewry that is going on in our precious Country that needs it's Patriots more than ever!


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Thats the only correct answer

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But it is a question.

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Not sure if I'm staying with my old sub or not at all here lol. just a bunch of death threats by people I modded on reddit when we just migrated over lol. Certainly not that sub at least.

Had no idea I was a mod, gonna start browsing and reading mod protocols for what to do here to offenders.

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Welcome to Voat, you glorious kikefaggot! Have an upvoat.

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Thank you! i'd upvoat more but i'm such a loyal voater i've already hit my max for 24 hours.

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Welcome to voat faggot. Have another worthless internet point on me so you can upvoat more content tomorrow.

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"Have an upvoat" what kind of gay shit is this?

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Pure Voat faggotry.

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lurk moar faggot.

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Am new,to voat also come from South Africa Mon

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South Africa eh? How is it lookin down there?

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Bad Mon they killing whitey