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Holy shit, im a day old reddit refugee, and this comment being here uncensored just solidified my choice. Fuck reddit. I hope voat stays this great with all of the new reddit refugees

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New here as well. I rarely posted on fagcuckeddit but recently posted a comment that was kinda a shitpost but really not that bad and a subreddit banned me for my thoughts. Holly fuck! what the fucking hell is happening to this world!? Can’t speak your mind, give us your guns, swm equals public enemy #1?
I’m glad there are others who want the right to eat a 40oz rare steak while smoking a cigar while wearing nothing more than a 45 w/holster covered in jello if they wanted to. Voat you just picked up another asshole.

Laugh while you can monkeyboy!

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welcome welcome

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Yeessssssss, let the hate consume you. Welcome to the darkside of the society. Have fun hating hell and partaking in our sacrifice of plebbits souls. March forth with freedoms of speech like none other.

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Welcome to Voat you fucking pussy.

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God isn't real dipshit. Welcome.

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There's so much obsession with the term 'faggot' here that I'm beginning to think voat is just one large closet.