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Blacks are not worse than whites.

No. Look at (sub-saharan) africa. The moment niggers got independence (in every fucking country), everything went to shit.


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Well thats culture man...snag the nigger bring it here. The nigger is fucked...but its KIDS. Ya can sorta teach them whit anglo culture. Then its kid again and so on... American niggers perform FAR higher than african niggers.

And lets get something straight. Africa still gets pushed around on trade deals...some of that is stupidity. some of iit there militaries are WEAK they cant fight if they wanted too.

Same thiing in the states. The average black raised with a dad who sticks around performs better thn the average white whose dad doesnt. Thats fucking huge. You can overcome a racial barrier through a cultural phenomenon.

Look, lets end the fucking drug war and feminism and in 50 years if the nigs aint caught up. I'll agree. Shiiiite if they are not massively improving in 20 years i'll agree.

Lemme ask ya something then. why do southern whites underperform vrs nothern whites?


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Well thats culture man...

No, it's biology.

s/ Holy shit, should i start educating you about plant racism and bulldog fucking a poodle is just a social construct? /s

Lemme ask ya something then. why do southern whites underperform vrs nothern whites?

Genetics are already different. Nowadays nobody makes a difference between mestizo, criollo or castizo. Shit, even pure latino is considered "white" in modern statistics. And guess how many latinos are there in southern regions?

Want some education of history? Start here, even when it's wikijewia --


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Because steezers are included as “whites”. Nogs in American perform better than their African brothers, because almost all blacks here have white admixture which should be obvious with just a glance. No matter where nigs hail from, they are always very destructive. Individuals may rise up, but families don’t, and entire communities never do. Blacks have been here a long time and aren’t close to catching up, not just in the south but up north in Chicago, Detroit, Pennsylvania, and everywhere else in the world. Chinks have gun powder, camel fuckers invented calculus, whites penicillin, but niggers have no contributions to mankind, no lasting architecture, no written languages. Nothing we ever do will make them law abiding or fit for normal society.