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v/gundeals is the place to go.


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Thank you!


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Dude get fuckign ready...I voted for sanders. Still stand by it. But I have learned soooo much on this site.

The fucking nazis are retarded...but every now and again. Make some very shocking and very surprising points.

Before ya judge anyone the U.S.S Liberty, The Lavon Affair, and the civil war in germany in 1918. There is a reason that content gets removed at that other site.

But before ya freak out apparently. Blacks are not worse than whites. The best ive seen is single parent households are the real problem and southern culture which blacks have had shoved on em.

A black kid from a 2 parent household is more likely to succeed that a white kid from a single parent house. Which hey...turns out cconservative fucks are still right marriage and family is the basis of civilazation. BUT its not racial so huzzah!

And southern whites underpeform vrs northern whites.... Which shows culture is the biggest issue.

That southern white shit don't go over none to well here. but they got nothing for it.


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Its what brought me here myself.


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Actually, I heard they made a second one, because the first one was created by a communist transitional pony lover cuck.


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What the second one called?