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v/gundeals is the place to go.

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Thank you!

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Dude get fuckign ready...I voted for sanders. Still stand by it. But I have learned soooo much on this site.

The fucking nazis are retarded...but every now and again. Make some very shocking and very surprising points.

Before ya judge anyone here...google the U.S.S Liberty, The Lavon Affair, and the civil war in germany in 1918. There is a reason that content gets removed at that other site.

But before ya freak out apparently. Blacks are not worse than whites. The best ive seen is single parent households are the real problem and southern culture which blacks have had shoved on em.

A black kid from a 2 parent household is more likely to succeed that a white kid from a single parent house. Which hey...turns out cconservative fucks are still right marriage and family is the basis of civilazation. BUT its not racial so huzzah!

And southern whites underpeform vrs northern whites.... Which shows culture is the biggest issue.

That southern white shit don't go over none to well here. but they got nothing for it.

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Its what brought me here myself.

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Actually, I heard they made a second one, because the first one was created by a communist transitional pony lover cuck.

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What the second one called?

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Welcome faggot.

The lounge is straight ahead, free boat trip to Africa on your right, and slow burning ovens on your left. I recommend looking straight ahead and seeing things as they really are in this world. If you are happy sticking to gundeals and gun culture that is fantastic! You will find others here who also enjoy those topics.

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Stop with the ovens, we know everything about them was fake.

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Like...cant tell if this is sarcasm or pure "woke" wannabe faggotry....either way, go play in traffic you dumb nigger

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It's the straight and narrow for me then.

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The straight and narrow is not what you expect, it can be...uncomfortable.

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Oy vey goyim. Don't observe the gun deals here. Our merchants are far too busy with providing you information that allows you to understand why guns are bad!

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Firstly, You are a faggot

Second, you are a nigger

Third, Use nigger mode you piece of shit


Fourth, Welcome to voat

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celebratory goat noises

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did not know about the melanin-enriched mode. that's a dope idea.

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Get under me and push back like a good little whore.

Welcome to voat.

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Happy to see you're supporting the Second Amendment, but what took you so long to come over? They've been censoring for years, yet you stayed. Why was this the final straw?

Hope you're ready for truly unfiltered free speech. If not, well, you know where the door is, niggerfaggot.

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I like my gundeals. That was the last straw.

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So the ever increasing censorship, the admin fuckery, the altering of user's posts, the firing of a well liked staff member to make IAmA a clusterfuck of advertising, the banning of subs for wrongthink, the site-wide shilling for Clinton, the protection of "chosen" subs from the consequences of breaking the rules, the SJW pandering, the shutting down of speech critical of Islam, etc., etc., etc. Those things were all OK until they banned YOUR favorite sub?

Good to know where you finally drew the line.

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Hope you hate niggers and Jews. Gonna have a bad time if you don't

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I don't, but I do like gundeals!

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It's not actually required - they're usually just seeing how you'll respond. Don't get me wrong, they do hate black people and people of the Jewish religion. But, they're usually fairly good about accepting that free speech means you get to say what you want.

Once you get enough CCP, you can say things like:

I fucking love Jews! Since coming to Voat, I've learned that they're responsible for degenerate sex, rock and roll, and drugs. WTF? That makes Jews the most awesome group of people on the planet!

Sure, they'll vote it down but I get a kick out of harassing them. I've got plenty of CCP. It's not what you say, it's how you say it.

If you have a thin skin, go away. If you want to tell them they can't say niggerfaggot, go away. If you want to tell them that you want to turn Voat into a safe place, go away.

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Never actually been on this site prior, but glad I found it.

Glad to see a site like this exists, where you need to put on your big boy pants and not cry like little bitches cuz somebody says something that makes you get butthurt.

Also REALLY HAPPY for a place to find news sources that aren't covered by mainstream. If you really are about learning and understanding current issues, sites like this need to exist. You CANNOT find real truth anymore in mainstream media, only biases and opinion-driven information.

Glad to be here faggots.

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Not all of us are frothing racial ideologues- you'll be fine. ♡

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I don't hate "niggers". You can be fine here with any opinion. Fuck off.

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I don't hate blacks, but niggers can dive under a bus.

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Voat more accurately reflects real opinion.

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What was the last straw? You guys must be real tools to have put up with that place so long.

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I stuck it out in likeminded subs. Those are quickly disappearing.

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Took you long enough to switch, cocksucker. Time for you to have a long personal reflection on why the first amendment is FIRST, and how your fascination with the second has led you to let your comprehension of the right to speech atrophy. First and second are like your left and right hands. You need both. Prioritize one to the exclusion of the other and you end up looking like this


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