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So much niggerfaggotry in one post. Welcome to voat and please go fuck yourself.

[–] KG7DHL [S] 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Thanks. YOU go fuck yourself...... I think I'm gonna like this place...

[–] TRUMPS_WALL 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Sure as hell beats the faggot ass pussy PC soyboys over at that other site. Here you can breathe.


[–] Apollo821 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

I'm here with you. I kind of head of Voat, but I mostly ignored it because like you, I just lacked the personal impetus. The blanket banning of any sub involved in trading alcohol (legal) and guns (also legal) along with sex (illegal) and drugs (illegal federally, varies by state) is the straw that broke the camels back.

I spent 6 years on there, and countless comments. I'm done. I'm done with the political fuck-fuck games, done with the mother-may-I bullshit, done with the blanket over-stepping and idiotic policies.

[–] pharoahyugi420 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

yo same my dude

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Remember, it was done by jews.

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They got you on that porn drip homie.

[–] AlpraCream 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

Guys please tell me what ccp are and how to get them. It is important I message the moderators of a new large sub that just migrated here and I need ten I have zero!

[–] pharoahyugi420 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Wanna hit me with one back? I think we're gonna be in the same sub!

[–] TRUMPS_WALL 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Push the up arrow on my comment and I get 1 ccp

[–] pharoahyugi420 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

I think you'll see a lot of people coming in to VOAT today after reddit shut down the drug sourcing subs. I look forward to getting to know the VOAT community and constructively participating.

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I heard about vote some time ago as well and I guess I'm official now. Fuck ze reddit!

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You're a faggot. You didn't give a fuck about the first amendment, til your second wasn't cool anymore.

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