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Amalek is in jail


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Not according to him three days ago but you already know that.

In fact he hinted at having an army of shill accounts in place and that he was going to regain control of Voat. Funny how you have this whole subverse v/realprotectvoat full of the same styles of lists and utilizing the same methods he used in the past.


[–] freshmeat 5 points -2 points (+3|-5) ago  (edited ago)

Last time amalek was here he doxxed senators and their staff with proof. He hasn't been here in over 6 months.

My subverse is a counter to the SRS shills who fuck with Voaters. Anyone is welcome to look at the sub and see for themselves. Look what SRS does when I don't clean up their shit posts and slide posts:

If you got a problem with what I am doing than find me a coherent reason why, because all you are doing right now is talking shit and pulling lies out of your booty.