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Holy shit. Most introductions are just simpering reddit faggots whoring for upvotes. But your post is amazing.

Welcome to Voat.

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Agreed, I even read the whole thing. And an introduction post shiiieeeeeeee. Roof Koreans when.

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You forgot the nigger faggot part you retarded cock holster

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excuse me, nigger faggot chink.

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You're weird. Welcome. Faggot.

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LOL put this on v/meanwhileonreddit .

In the meantime, We're a bunch of assholes over here and we don't much like that overbearing mod censorship bullshit over here. Well aside from @freshmeat at least. Make buddies with him if you need advice on how to ban people for little things such as adding content to your subverse.

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@EarlPoncho and his ban-list on V/BetaHate exceeds @Freshmeat....

They can both go get fucked.

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I'll have to make one for all the fags tomorrow.

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lol banning you has to be one of the best things ive done recently. just watching you cry for what is it now 2 months? so worth it

i didnt make you beta, you did. quit crying and hit the iron and maybe ill remove you once you grow a penis

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who the fuck are you and what the fuck do i have to do with the post nigger?

Thanks for the publicity

SBBH = ShitRedditSays.

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Caesar is proud of the new codebase. After all MS .NET coupled with CloudFare is fully decentralized and open-source. /s

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Nice of you to show up Amalek.

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Benned! :D Go shove ShitRedditSays up your asshole. Yes, the entire subreddit and explode in front of the gas station on the bad side of compton with the best deal on condoms.

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Welcome aboard rooftop korean.

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If you don't know what a rooftop Korean is op, don't worry. Rooftop Koreans are the best Koreans.

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A fucking Korean novel and no kimchi or soju? So Korea has faggots too, I guess. You can stay, but you have to go on the roof. You can shitpost from there. Welcome aboard

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Welcome. I find it a bit ironic that you made such a wall of text given your username.

This is anti-productive in all regards, unless the desired product is social division.

I sometimes wonder if some of the hardcore SJW politicians, mods or journalists are ex-liberals that eventually became redpilled and now intentionally act the way they do to create resistance by taking liberal beliefs to their logical extremes. Almost like reverse psychology.

Though chances are that the liberal elites are simply well aware of voting patterns - white men tend to vote for limited right leaning governments, women (especially non-white women), muslims, blacks and hispanics on the hand tend to vote for left leaning authoritarian governments.

And surprisingly the groups that statistically vote left are portrayed as well meaning people that if they ever do anything wrong did so because they didn't meant to, didn't know better or because white people structurally oppressed them; whereas groups that vote right tend to be demonized for every minor thing they do (like the way they sit in the bus #manspreading) and get made responsible for every bad thing in the world. They don't even care that these groups shouldn't be able to coexist (feminists and muslims, for example).

I bet that if muslims and blacks would start to vote right the left would be the first to send them into concentration camps / gulags.

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A phrase I like to remind myself of when I want to absolutely strangle someone is "Everyone is the hero in their own life story"

Nobody is ever the bad guy in their own mind, so pointing out to them that they are is problematic, because they'll obviously become defensive. It takes a lot to get someone to realize they're actually the asshole.

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A phrase I like to remind myself of when I want to absolutely strangle someone is "Everyone is the hero in their own life story"

Nobody is ever the bad guy in their own mind

That's true for many people, perhaps even most people, but it's not true for everyone, the columbine shooters for example were to my knowledge not disillusioned about what they were doing but intentionally wanted to cause harm and suffering. That's an extreme case, but it happens regularly on a much smaller scale.

Now, I don't think it's fair to assume sinister intentions behind people, so instead I find it useful to figure out if there is an individual freedom that they argue against that should be widely accepted and then ask them if people should have that freedom. I'll give an example;

I've overheard a discussion in which a girl viciously condemned a friend because he said that he wanted to have a girlfriend who stays at home and does housework and he didn't seem to know how to react to that. So I asked her if a man should have the right to decide for himself with whom he wants to spent his life with, as that is the basic freedom she is arguing against. She was noticeably uncomfortable with that question and gave non-answers, so I kept repeating that question and she didn't even gave excuses or justifications, not even a "yes but..." or a "so you want them to have the right to marry 8 year olds", instead she always tried to change the topic.

Which to me suggests that she didn't want men to have the right to decide with whom they spent their lives with and that she was very well aware that this was not a noble position to take.

If you ask the right questions people can reveal very twisted beliefs.

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All I can say is fuck democracy.

Far right authoritarian government is the only solution.

Democracy might work in some countries but not all. It doesn't work in America with today's demographics (I mean literally the voter base consist of mexican NATIONALS aka illegal foreigners lmao).

American democracy is like the biggest joke of the century.

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democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others

not that i disagree an 'empire' would solve a lot of issues if the emperor was wise, god-fearing, and benevolent. but the position would be coveted and ultimately abused after his death (most likely assassination), or there will be a group conspiring to overthrow him if they don't get their way.

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He said he came here to escape censorship, not subscribe to someone else's ideology.

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What did I reference that was idealogical in nature?

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I suggest looking into Trycoon Martin case, that is what opened my eyes to the lies. Also good to have thick skin cause chink faggot and whatever else dont mean shit, ya stupid chink fag.

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