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This is all complete bunk but welcome to voat anyway you fucking lunatic

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i agree, this is garbage.

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It is a mental disorder. Gender dysphoria. It needs to be treated with psychiatric therapy. Surgery and all the other bullshit you spouted is just validating their delusions. They are mentally ill. If a schizophrenic told you they were Napoleon would you put them in charge of France? STFU already.

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It's a mental disorder, yes. It needs to be dealt with psychiatric care, yes. But 20% of children don't grow out of it. That small percentage of true transsexuals get clinical relief from sex reassignment therapy.

Furthermore, you confuse dysphoria with delusion. Dysphoria is an extreme sense of unease; it is the opposite of euphoria. Delusion is when the perception and the reality don't agree. A delusional patient who truly believed he was a female would not be a candidate for surgery. In terms of dysphoria, the patients who do qualify for surgery are said to be cured of their dysphoria afterwards.

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The 20% that don't grow out of it need long term psychiatric care.