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Hello I have been a lurker here for a while. I would post but these kikes won't let me. Welcome nigger-faggot.

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I was told voat was a free speech platform, I was clearly lied to. This is nothing but kike ville silence!

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Guess I can't post anything new, so, fuck you all, here's my intro...

I guess I'll start with enough to give you niggerfaggots an introduction of me without a full on dox. Is that two X's? Not sure, don't much give a fuck.

Seems you cunts got shilled hard in the last few months, I've been lurking for a year or so. So just over a year ago I broke up with my cunt girlfriend, told pretty much everyone exactly how and where to stick it that leans left to the extent of completely idiotic idealist behavior. I'm really getting sick of that shit, to the point I don't care how many people fuck off out of my life. We are at the brink of a major move in humanity, and I fear my message will never get out if I don't try to understand and contribute to places like VOAT, it's like a bunch of me, all in a room, as terrifying as that is for the powers that be. I've seen the threads saying we are in danger, and I'm stepping up to say you guys may be disbanded by force, but you are not alone. Fuck, you guys are far from alone. You may seem like a small community but I gotta say you are bigger than you could ever believe.

I believe in tradition, in family, I believe in racial relations being realistic and not idealistic. I know the fact that the (((((--------))))) control everything, literally every fucking thing. It's no surprise, and it's no legit force to fight either unlike a standing army, they are spread thin, like spykikes. How fucked are we? Seems nobody is sure. It seems we are still scattered and forbidden from association. Fuck sake, we are terrified of being doxxed. (two X's?)

I've lost most of my family (dead), I've lost most friends(dead to drugs, fucking degenerates), I've not alot to live for at this point in my life (so why not voicing how I really feel!?) so I've dedicated what I have left to spreading the truth of what this world around us is, that we are controlled, that we are forced, that we are convinced of our own self worth despite how useless most of us tend to be. Small, little, pink pills to the masses, to the people that don't seem to "get it yet". As they ask questions as they see it as it is, I answer with answers that develop the "red pill" attitude the majority of voat has, then, as they think they are fully aware, another news headline, or another moment in time happens that freaks them out and ensures that they are not in control, that they are sheep in a narrow pasture, and they are being herded a certain direction.

Fuck if people don't see this themselves, they get scared, they worry, they try to turn around, and in the long run, they tire, realize they are along for the ride, and that is the moment they start doing what I, you, everyone with any semblance of humanity are doing, we tell another, and another, and another. Until you stop breathing, keep spreading the beautiful, endlessly fascinating TRUTH of what is happening all around us, from PizzaGate, to JFK, from Pod Casts, to brief conversations, you people are the thinking ones, the people that rallied together to ensure the next generations are aware of what is happening. Without places like voat, despite the cringe worthy subs here (fuck you piece of shit pedo's) the truth in and of it's self, would never be as readily available.

Gen Zyklon? Fuck sake people, you ARE gen Zyklon! You are the threat! Why else would the shills and the sliders be in full force constantly here? You don't need to keep searching! You are the truth! You are the key to a rusted, ancient lock! Spread the words you speak here far and wide! Refrain from the "nigger-faggot" stuff in the public eye, but, you have it all, you don't need this dipshit Q stuff, you don't need to ensure Killary or Pizza whatever are the answer to wake the masses, YOU ARE IT!! I can't stress this enough, YOU ALL ARE IT. You are the last stand, you are the last thinking, rational, understanding people out here in this weird, brown tinted attempt at a sociological experiment that are thinking clearly. Act like it! Calling yourself a master race, telling yourself you "should create an Israel like ethno state in the USA", yet, nobody is in the streets telling their fellow American's this shit should happen? Are WE ashamed of it? Are WE not capable of saying it out loud?

They say, lets kill them off, and we hide on places like voat? I say all sorts of shit that makes people shuffle and cringe, you fucking should too! If you really want people to see your side, you should deliver the meat and potato's of our heart and soul to their doorstep and curb stomp them verbally if they don't feed into it. If the world doesn't want you to exist, why should you want their world to exist?

Ending this bat shit crazy rant that probably makes little sense with, fuck you shill cunts, fuck you cuck apologist faggots that can't handle the truth that you are cuck faggots. I'm sick of this bullshit that has been plaguing a forum that seemed to have a pretty fucking solid handle on the news before it was news. I can barely understand how this, or the chans work, but I've been doing my best to figure it out so I can keep up with the posts that matter. Again, fuck yourselves you niggerfaggotkikecunts. I love you all... unless you are subverting this place into oblivion, in that case, fuck you with a cactus, kike faggot.


Ending this with the statement that I have no idea how replies work, so if I try, and fuck it up, I've never even signed up for plebbit, and have no idea how any of this works, so I'll try my best to call every one of your a nigger or a kike, and especially a faggot, because my life doesn't really have anything to lose by saying such stupid shit to prove I fucking hate you all and you're all probably a bunch of niggers anyway. :)

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Hey! New completely. What is this place?!

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sounds great

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I thought this was supposed to be the introduction subverse and I can't even post in the v/introductions because I have no points. This is so dumb there is no point even being on voat, its gay kike ville here!

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That corny-fuck stuff can stay where you came from. Wipe your fucking mind-shoes off before tracking shit into our goat pen.

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welcome to the goat pen :)

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