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jews did 9/11

welcome to voat


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stfu you kike cunt.


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no problem

#me too

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Good to see more redditors. Fuck censorship. First they came and all that.

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I am just trying to get 10 ccp because I am new here. Also I love the 1st Amendment.

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Me too

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Comrade you seem kind of gay. You Reddit rapeugee??

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Yeah I'm a reddit fagugee you autist, I literally said so in my post

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Do you prefer top or bottom?

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Damn icebeaners

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welcome da sluts

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I am at -27, and can't even submit here, so I'm using this topic:

I know people seem to have the impression that this place is free and open, but that couldn't be further from the truth. When I first joined reddit and learned what a stupid system it was to have karma and how it reinforces groupthink and creates an echo chamber, I posted as much there.

Honestly, it's bad. I get that it makes the site more popular to work the way it does, but it's bad for discussions and ideas. But it doesn't hold a candle to what goes on here. 100 CPs just to vote? 10 comments per day? Can't submit to most subs? Given the population differences, that's like requiring over 5k karma to submit or vote at reddit.

The reason for these extreme measures cannot be explained as spam prevention. There's many ways to do that without this level of restriction. But what requiring other people to like what you post certainly does is prevent any real dissent against the majority "party". So congrats on that. Voat is one tight little bubble. A safe space under the guise of open discussion. "have your say" (but only a little if the collective doesn't approve). Are our ideologies so fragile that we need shielded by heavy handed limitations?

The answer has been given already, but it can be changed. If it isn't, then I guess that's the final word on the groups that have taken control here.