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looks like I belong here

Why do you think so?

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Because I too am here for the memes and to offend anyone who needs it.

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(I'm posting to you because i'm not allowed to other wise)

The algorithm is designed to have an in-group preference. you can have only so much (positive)karma before downvoting? You can only chit-chat so much before no more, "An Account must have a minimum of 10 CCP to create a submission" get the fuck out of here.

It's just typical white bullshit. you guys like to talk about "hard work" but don't do shit. Free speech but you don't like the response. You live in your mind in a fake narrative, it's why this "fake news" idea appeals to you so hard, because reality is hard and you don't like hard things, it's hard for you to process that the world is complicated and needs some pragmatism. It's always someone else's fault other then your own fat lazy ass.

If you click downvote on anything other then spam, don't try to act like you believe in some ideal like free-speech.

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Yeah? Why's that?

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Belong is such an underrated word.....

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Jew nigger

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Inbred swine

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Parsed the hive mind and you like the group think huh?

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Fuck reddit.

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This is the home of the offensive tear forms eagle screeches in background music blasts this is my home.

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Welcome normie cunt

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