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Trying to obtain 10 upvoats to make a submission. I am upvoating al comments/submissions I see in hopes of help.

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i gave you one, but most goats downvoat people asking for CCP.

make a few comments that go along with the hivemind, are funny, etc. you can get 10 upgoats in just a couple threads.

welcome to voat, niggerfaggot :)

check /v/4chan if the "Q" in your username is related to qanon.

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Welcome to hell.

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sup man, and welcome to thunderdome!

i see beatle @lordbeatlejuicethe1 has already gotten you up to snuff. for more, see the sticky thread by @crensch at the top of this subverse. Keep a thick skin about ya, and throw around some insults. there's a reason our mascot is a goat :)

for the subverses you're asking about:








some of those may be disabled due to lack of activity, but those are a few off the top of my head. check the sidebars of subverses as well, they usually list similar subs.

/v/theredpill does it, and /v/traditionalwives too (to see what im talking about)

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I don't know why shitposting isnt downvoted. Its really a turnoff.

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sometimes it gets downgoats, but sometimes its the funniest shit i've ever seen.

voat is funnier than most other things in existence if you've got a fucked/morbid sense of humor.

some goats pretty much exclusively shitpost.... i shitpost about 10-20% ofthe time. most of my posts are either trying to be helpful, or asing people for elaboration.

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good work!

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thanks man :)

i gotta say, i like your introduction spiel the bestest :)

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jews did 9/11

welcome to voat


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Yeah, unfortunately the voats are not as active. There's no /v/financialindependence either.

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welcome to voat :)