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Fiddle, guitar, banjo, really anything with strings, and drums. I took three years of classical violin in my early teens and should have stuck with it. I wanted to learn guitar because they get chicks. Now I realize that mediocre guitar players are a dime a dozen but a good fiddle player would be raking in chicks and money.

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I'm a decent fiddle player. Never got me any chicks. I'm having a blast with the banjo. I've been playing it for about 4 months. I'm learning Scruggs style. What banjo style do you play?

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I started with Scruggs but at ~30 so my fingers were way too slow to keep up. Now I play clawhammer(I prefer oldtime to newgrass anyway) and I can play along with other people a lot easier. It's a really neat instrument that can make almost any song sound better IMO.

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Guitar, Love the acoustic because of its more natural sound. took over 4 years of lessons and then said screw paying money, theres youtube

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I can half ass play the piano, cello, Trumpet, and guitar. I can pick up anything and figure it out a little bit, and I can read music. I just never put the practice in to get really good.

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See v/guitar.

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Hi there :) I play piano and guitar :)

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Those are both instruments with very broad ranges of notes. What style of guitar do you play? I play classical violin, but bluegrass mandolin and banjo.

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The butt trumpet.

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Sup, new fag.

I'm learning violin. Got any tips for an noob ass old fag?

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I used to be good on about any woodwind instrument, but that was a long time ago. Tried the guitar and learned that I'm actually musically retarded.