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i am new & having a hard time

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With what?

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with ccp , for some raison i only get downvote for anything i say , and it's deprissing ...

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Was a member of free republic but was banned in one of the first of the Bush purges in 2001 I believe. Had heard about that place as I had been listening to George Putnam on the radio for years and had read tons of political books congruent to then.

Went to FR gulag known as Liberty Post, spent many years there, a few years ago I found the political forum on Sportshoopla.com and was a regular there, but way too many dumbfuck libs there with all day to sit and post. Place is a sewer.

Found The chans, then found here. Nice place here!


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I've been reading stuff here since just after whoaverse. Only got active and finally signed up a little less than a year ago.

Used to be active on some obscure blogs WHOISJOHNGALT . COM which sold the domain to the movie producers. And CafeHayek.com which went to facebook comments from wordpress and so I had to ski daddle. To name two.

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I am new, came from nowhere but been a lurker for a while.

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I came here to clarify some experiences I have had. Retrospective mode.

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Found this place when most of the pizzagate evidence went missing. Found a link to voat and Its been great.

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I was on a survival life forum for a while which was fun and is still a good referencing tool for How To's. Been lurking here at Voat for nearly a year. Chose a new profile today to start fresh. I was red pilled before I came here but I have become a black pilled, so a new profile may help, bleh.

Virtual origin was Starcraft forums (tournament planning against the Koreans)- way back, MySpace (dinosaur days) and Counterstrike clan forums.

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I was over there...motherfucker...

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Dude, I didn't know that was you.

I'm so fucking sorry goat.