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What sub got banned this time?

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idk. just meme-ing.

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It was incels today.

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Euros are serfs

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Especially Londoners. Had an argument with one girl about the "knife bins", where you have a public dumpster-looking thing where you can dispose of your knives. I asked her what is was for and she told me about it, saying it was for safety but that they can easily get broken into. I asked, "Why not just use them for self-defense, since you can't have guns?"

She got extremely upset and sad that's, "Such an American way of thinking." Well bitch, that American way of thinking can keep me safe from an intruder in the middle of the night. Enjoy living on Airstrip One.

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I've long held the theory that Europe has rapidly turned into such the shithole it is today because the Europeans that saw the potential in free market enterprise were the ones who escaped, and those ones were the ones who valued liberty and freedom - actual liberty and freedom - more than their contemporaries.

At least, until the fucking germans and swedes came over.

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I remeber reddit had and article saying black men were found more intimidating and the moderator had stickies his message to the top saying how we were not allowed to mention the crime rate. Lol. They're so sad. No wonder they're freaking out about what's happening they're too triggered to read the information pouring down on their gender neutral self hating heads.

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The sooner we discuss inconvenient facts the sooner we can fix problems.

Censoring facts for the sake of political correctness is how you make problems worse. Virtue signaling and SJW behavior literally causes like 95% first world problems.

The more politically incorrect a first world country is, the better place it is to live for white straight men.

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what really sucks about mods is that they are just regular brainwashed people. Wonder why there are no right leaning mods.. Or is it always just the left are the only ones that censor stuff and right leaning mods don't care to fight them.

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is there a way to beg for upvotes? I only need a couple and will return the favor...

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you kind of just did. but my question is, why so few points after over 2 years on the site? seems a bit suspicious.

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i never had to time to play with it until now. don't worry, everything's gonna be kosher :)

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Top Kek

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33, you a mason?

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Hey sanegoat, are you an incel may I ask?

Long time lurker.

Now an involuntary voat goat.

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Is that John McCain on the right?

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Thanks jewshekel.

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