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Censorship involves preventing someone from speaking as well as deleting speech already submitted. Everyone accepts bans as censorship, the repeated temporary bans that result from comment restrictions are too.


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Has anyone even tried directing this directly at Voat's staff?

Also, don't forget while Voat is incorporated in the US, meaning that the company is given person-hood and given certain rights; this includes the 14th amendment. My rough understanding of the 14th amendment in this case can allow a company to control the speech however they please to push whatever they so choose, but you as the user can enter and leave the group voluntarily.

For example, you could join a neo-nazi chapter when your ideas, beliefs, and other prerequisites align with the group. However, the group has every right to kick you out if your ideas change against the will of the group, and can continue excluding you from meetings, etc unless your ideology changes to what they accept. It's like trying to join a neo-nazi chapter only to get kicked out because you tell them that you're a furry or something.

This doesn't leave you powerless of course, you have the choice to leave, you have the choice to stay, you have the choice to voice your concerns to them, you have the choice to use your wallet against them by not funding Voat, it's all voluntary. But, if you want things to change, you need to have an open dialogue about this (AFAIK there isn't, but I haven't done enough digging yet).


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Voat's admin has been directing it at himself, so from my point of view there's no immediate need to do so. The website presently seems busy with migration, and dealing with attacks that are a little too convenient for those who support censorship around here.

Of course businesses have no obligation to uphold free speech, but voat's business is free speech - it's the hypocrisy that I find most distasteful. I have chosen to use my less-than-10 comments per day to highlight the issue.