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Thought that said Gay Paladin at first. -20 strength +20 ball snacking

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Right? He packs his ball snacks in little baggies I bet.

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He was there for the articles and videos!

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Why are you gray?

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Well historically speaking, it was much cheaper to maintain your armor by polishing it than painting or blackening it with oil. Primer technology wasn't rly even developed back then so it would be a constant battle to maintain its esthetics if painted, it would chip off with the slightest bump. Blackening it with oil requires heat & can eventually weaken and damage the metal, not something you'd enjoy unless you're a type 2 diabetic fat baron sitting on his horse atop a hill. So yeah, polishing your armor made it grey, I'm sure that's what is behind his chosen user name. The real freaky question is why did he spell it gray ? The never were any American paladins.

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Did any one say it was in reference to his armour? He could be sickly. Or an alien. Or body paint?

Im not american either, so I guess.... Youre gray?

I was more interested in the point of that a paladin in a traditional sense was elite. Even holy. You get the internal visual of colourful, or at least bright. Wouldnt possibly saying that by being grAy he was more of a regular knight?

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it's my favorite color, cunt. gotta problem?

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Yes. Gray is a not a colour by pure definition.

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his gray bush is the source of his power.

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The opposite side of the politics coin is everywhere here, and the NFL is despised because theyre unpatriotic cunts. Im not sure youll like it here. But stick around anyway or youre a huge faggot.

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Thank you for your welcome messages, this is definitely a good site.

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Declares the depths of his faggotry day one. Bold move, OP.

Will he find his niche in the goat pen or end up in an oven? Only time can tell.

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I like the NFL

An hero.

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//takes a knee in solidarity with @TheGrayPaladin's faggotry

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Welcome, you worthless niggerfaggot. Have an upvote.

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Usually how it goes

Welcome aboard.

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That's a pretty good Bobby Hill.

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u ded yet?

edit: i thought i saw something where he left voat.

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