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I'm in the same boat or voat?

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I'm gonna jump out on a limb and say you might like v/nicotine

Welcome to voat.

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Looks good. Any subverses for bee keeping?

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make one if there is none. but don't hope for too much activity, this site is mostly political.

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Do that yourself or would like to?

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You confuse your lurking with your jerking. Voat are full, fuck off.

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I am kind of upset. I wanted to post in /v/gaming the link to the fact that Zero-K has an alternate soundtrack out, but I couldn't because I didn't have 10 CCP and my 9 upvotes I got since I been active since voat was still in alpha didn't carry over. I didn't have a problem 30 days ago.

I am also such low caste scum that I can't even message moderators now.

You have recently submitted a similar comment. Please try to not use copy/paste so often.

Okay now you are staring to piss me off with this. Don't tell me what to think when I can't even message a mod or an admin because I am such low caste trash.

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Your profile says you have been a member of Voat for 2.3 years so you were definitely around during the alpha testing phase.

Looks like you have negative CCP. Do you think someone is brigading you? If someone is intentionally manipulating your votes to keep you down then you need to let someone high up know. Try messaging the owner of Voat. He posted a sticky message to the front page.