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Pardon me but why are you buying a gun. Buying a gun is not like going down to the local gun store and saying "I'll take that one,because it's so cool". First of all you need to ask your self what am I going to do with it. If you want it for self protection at home a .30-06 is a bad idea. If you an avid hunter (which you apparently are not because you would have a gun already) then it would make some sense. If you want to go to the range and blast off a few rounds a week a .30-06 is kind of expensive. What you need to do is go down the the local gun range and try a bunch of firearms in different calibers and configurations. If you live in a metro area then a .30-06 with a scope is SOOOO MUCH OVERKILL! A good AR would be a much better way to go. If you think you might want to take up hunting or varmint shooting then maybe a AR in the 6.8SPC is the right ticket for you. If you want a firearm for a conversation piece then maybe a M1873 Trap Door, or a M-1 would be a lot more interesting. I know that when I get with a bunch of firearm purists, and I drag out my M1 with a leather sling they immediately jump on me for it not being Original because most M-1 came with a fabric sling. I then tell them to look at the manufacturer and the serial number. When they find that My M-1 was made in 1939 and by the Springfield Armory they find that it was issued with a leather sling and that god awful 18 inch long bayonet. hee hee hee.


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You bring up some good points. I'm not a hunter but I want to get into deer hunting, plus I want to have something ready for when the SHTF. I live in a rural area and want to emphasize durability, reliability and ease of cleaning over magazine size or fire rate.

  • Total budget tops out at $600
  • High caliber
  • Bolt action
  • Reach out to +150 yards

I have gone shooting with several friends and the first gun I really loved shooting was the Mosin Nagant. In my research I found that mounting a scope on that is a huge pain, so I chose a similar caliber in a more modern design.

Edit - I should add that I'm not a firearms purist or collector by any means. This is a tool to put holes in things, so I'm probably going to be buying used and looking for cosmetic damage pieces. As long as the actual receiver is in good shape I'm happy.


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Any reason you want a bolt gun over a semi auto? If your state allows semis for hunting an AR10 is hard to beat these days. They've come WAY down in price.


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You want reliability, take a close look at break actions. nothing more reliable then a break action. The nice thing about them aside from their dirt cheep price, accuracy and reliability is they make you work to do the reload. You have to remove the rifle from your shoulder. That means with each new shot you have to establish a proper grip and sight view from scratch. 6 months of pinking with one of those and your going to get real good. Rolling blocks and falling blocks will do the same for your training as well, but they are expensive. Trust me if you have to work to reload your going to have more motivation to hit the bulls eye (killing shot) with the first shot. Good luck.


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Upvoat for antique M1!