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You'll fit in just fine here. /v/JustGrowIt always needs more contributors. Make your own sub for your Arduino projects and advertise it in /v/NewSubverses, I'll subscribe. And as far as I know, buying advice is welcome in /v/Guns, as most of those gun fags will be happy to argue and debate over your purchasing decisions.

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You can revive https://voat.co/v/arduino

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I like this idea a lot!

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But do you fucking love science? Do you think Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the shit? That Rick and Morty is the most intelligent show on TV?

Ah, I'm just joking.

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I like my science without any political seasoning, thanks!

If you want to talk about the LASCO images of all this crazy solar activity lately, or maybe get down with some materials science breakthroughs, I'm all ears. I have no opinion on Neil DeGrasse, and Rick & Morty just hammers on the same existential questions in every episode.

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That pewds video was a gooder

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Rick and Morty is the most intelligent show on the idiot box as far as I can tell.

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"Intelligent show on television" that's a good one

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Well it's not like there's a lot of competition for that low set bar.

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It has some good moments, but after the second season you realize they're kind of a one trick pony in the 'deep thoughts' department.

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Get a ccw to protect yourself from the pavement apes.

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I don't understand the huge emphasis people make on ccw and handguns, to be honest. I'd much rather have a rifle than a handgun when the shtf.

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Rifles cant bw carried around on your day to day. When you get mugged walking home from work late one night, you wont have your rifle on you. But you could have your pistol.

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Are you carrying a rifle in your hands in the line at McDonald's?

The pistol is with you 100% of the time. Much easier to carry than a rifle.

The Shit is going to Hit The Fan at a gas station with one guy pulling a gun on you. You better be ready to stay alive.

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Yes you can ask /v/guns for buying advice, but I'll tell you right now the best bolt gun for your money right now is the Ruger American (used to be the Remington 700 was the go-to off the shelf deer rifle but then they got Cerberus'd/Freedom Grouped.)

Now take the $600+ you just saved over a more expensive rifle and put that towards your optic. I recommend a Nikon Monarch 5 or Leupold VX-3 or better. (If you've never mounted a scope before you probably want a gunsmith to do it, as there are a surprising number of ways to mess it up.)

Yes, this means you spend more on the optic than the gun. This is a good thing. For one, the rifle can be upgraded while the scope can't. But more importantly while a good scope can't make a shitty rifle better, a shitty scope can make a good rifle shitty. An okay scope can make a great rifle okay. So unless your budget is $3,000 and you can afford to put a Leica on a Nosler, a good scope like the Nikon on a good rifle like the Ruger is going to give you the best results for the money.

Now, if you can't afford the grand or so that setup will run you, there's a very budget option that doesn't suck. It's the Savage Axis XP. It's an okay rifle that comes from the factory with an okay scope (a Bushnell 3-9x40), but the whole kit can be had for $300 (and you don't have to mount the scope yourself.)

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Thanks very much! I'll look into that Savage, it looks like exactly what I'm going for.

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I own the Ruger American in 308, great gun for the money. I have a Nikon BDC scope on it as well, dead on @100yrds. One thing you have to keep in mind about it though, is that it is a hunting rifle through and through.

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Come now brown cow

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Fuck your mother? Don't mind if I whoop de do!

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You're not being very neighborly.

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Don't be a turd burgler.

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Mil-surp Mausers and the like are relatively cheap. I wouldn't spend too much, as the rate of return on guns after a certain price point isn't very high, ie after a point a $2000 gun is just as good as the $700 gun, but it mostly applies to handguns.

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Do you like pickles?

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Of course! One of my favorite things is pickling - I've got a bunch of cucumbers from the neighbors that I want to stick in a jar with some onions and carrots this weekend.

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I like toitles

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