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Hiii.. those banning days were crazy, chaotic and hectic times. But exciting because we had this new hangout to try out and it worked!


[–] stormbjornn [S] 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

That's putting it lightly. Those days were hell on earth. They took away the best subreddits for hurt feefees.


[–] AinzOown 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Have an upgoat. Heads up it's comment upvotes you need for voting freedom, not submissions.


[–] obvious-throwaway- 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

I remember how the banning started. There was a subreddit someone started that had non nude teenage girls. The reddit admins threw a shit fit and said, "won't someone think of the children!" I tried speaking up with the whole "it's not illegal" and "this will start a slippery slope." A person could go to a beach on a weekend and see the same thing. Not my thing, but I knew exactly where it would lead.

I don't think it was even a month later when they banned /r/niggers under some bullshit rule break excuse. So they created an alternate nigger hate subreddit and it followed every rule to the letter. We all know what happened next. I again cried out to the reddit massives why this was setting a bad precedent and reddit would white wash their entire website. The response, "won't someone think of the niggers!" No one would stand up and do anything, because nobody wants to be a nazi, we all saw Shekelsbergs movies teaching us factual history.

Then they came for /r/fatpeoplehate and all these people cried out, "help us, now they are banning our subreddit!" I just shook my virtual head.

How did I know? Because it always starts in the exact same way and I've seen it before on other websites and bulletin boards well before reddit ever showed up. Jew advertisers control content on any website that let's it. They offer the website masters free shekels they print from their US mint in exchange for complete control of the narrative. Research Goebbels to educate yourself.

LESSON: Banning is for spam and bots, not for opinions or thoughts. Stay vigilant my friends.


[–] smallpond 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Throttling should also just be for spam and bots, not opinions or thoughts.

Disclaimer: If we’re conversing, I will soon fall silent. I may want to continue, but because many users are unpopular here and have less than 100 CCP, we are temporarily banned as soon as we make 10 comments in a day. Voat does not respect free speech, but I'm grateful for recent comments stating an intention to improve things.