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The Rothschild Family is the root of all evil. They use the Zionist Jews to control the US and the world. The Holocaust never happened, and Hitler did nothing wrong. Muslims are pawns of the Kikes. Niggers are simply niggers. Stop using Google and change your browser every other week when someone posts about a better one. I think that covers the basics. Welcome and fuck you.

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You forgot "kikeniggerfaggot".

You dolt.

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I left it for you. You're welcome.

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Speak from your core. Be instinctive. Don't filter for appearances and you'll be goating along just fine.

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Unless you think other races are human too, women are capable leaders, and Trump is a horrible president - then speaking honestly could well get you perpetually throttled around here.

Disclaimer: If we’re conversing, I will soon fall silent. I may want to continue, but because many users are unpopular here and have less than 100 CCP, we are temporarily banned as soon as we make 10 comments in a day. Voat does not respect free speech, but I'm grateful for recent comments stating an intention to improve things.

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You aren't banned because you have unpopular opinions. Newbies have limitations to keep asshole sjws from flooding the place with their harassment techniques. Why don't you look at it from someone else's point of view besides your own? Are you a self serving narcissist only interested in what's easiest and most convenient for you?

I argue with a lot of people that have more ccp than I do. Constantly. How is that possible if everyone is a clone?

Every single person that posts here built up their ccp by posting and having ordinary, non agenda driven conversations. What's so special about you that you can't do that too? I think nothing is special about you. You should think that too. You'd be happier and better adjusted.

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Imagine the most vile and controversial book you can think of. It might offend you, it might annoy you, it might open your mind. In the end it is only a book, no harm can come from it. Voat is the book, and we are its writers. Welcome

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What if that book is a communist manifesto that converts the majority of world populations?

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Still good, it made more people we will kill in the end, and who doesn't enjoy that?

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Welcome to the party. Here's your complementary lynching rope and Koran to poop on.

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Welcome. It's nice to have you here. Also, switch to night mode or voat will look down on you.

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Showers are on the left.

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Nobody cares if you're a newbie or not. Get over yourself and contribute something.

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Good luck, niggerfaggot.

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