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I don't agree with y'all on some things

Only dead fish swim with the stream. Most of us like our opinions challenged. We don't need a safe space.

Come on down and say whatever you want. Don't ever self-censor. Be kind if you want, I don't care nigger.

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Hey nigger. I have questions:

  1. What's your favorite poem?

  2. What's better, the bench press or the weighted dip? Why?

  3. If you woke up weighing 400 lbs, how would you kill yourself?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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I can smell the ham planet on you. You're a fatty trying to infiltrate. You reek of cheeseburger and diet coke so you're either an enabling chubby chaser or the real lard barge deal. Homo.

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Hey Kapitalisto. I joined Voat for FPH too after Reddit banned it a a couple years ago. What took you so long nigger-faggot?

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Shut up faggot. Welcome to Voat.

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I'll tell ya what floats my voat, yer Muslim feggot arse out of the holy land. Ya feggot!

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I don't agree with y'all on some things

Then spit it out, faggot. Change our minds with your arguments and sources. Enlighten us...

Or read my /v/shekelverse posts and stop sucking Jew cock.

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