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Not sure how my post was split up like that but whatever.

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Great! Another language to learn! Thank you! I swear once you break the barrier of computer coding, it never ends.

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I have been a lurker here on Voat for a while now and as my username suggests, I am an angry white man, though, this wasn't always the case. Even as recent as six months ago I considered myself a centrist and noticed myself drifting left, although I did vote for Trump. Then my girlfriend of over a year left me, and things changed rather rapidly. I understood that I would undergo, in some shape or form, the stages of grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance). I experienced denial and depression the first day, but the second day I woke up angry.

This wasn't casual anger one can experience nearly every day. I had anger issues in my past and had since learned to control my highly reactive and sometimes violent tendencies. I could be the dean of any anger management college. I have not lost my temper, without proper reason, for an incredibly long time. I say this to emphasize my point that this was a different type of anger. After some introspection I realized that it wasn't my mind that was angry, it was my biology.

I am now twenty five years old and have no family or hardly anything to call my own. If you factor in my debt, most likely you would find that I have been a net drain on society. I have done nothing with my life because I was foolish enough to believe that I was doing something. I am absolutely sick of the soul rotting bullshit we shove down our youths throat. When I was told at a young age that playing the nice guy was the proper route, I had no reason to doubt them, especially since I was also informed that my cerebral cortex (and hence judgement) would not be fully developed until I was twenty five. Guess what? I am now twenty five and pissed off. I am being referenced as the reason other races, or genders for that matter, have such a difficult time attaining the highest echelon of society. I am being told not to have children as I see others my own age with their children, and my heart yearns for that privilege. I am being told that if I win too much, it has nothing to do with my effort, but my skin color. You know what? Fuck you. I am the product of what society has forced me to become.

Three months ago I started weight training and working out heavily. I have made tremendous progress. I have since started my own business that is netting me an additional ten thousand dollars at least per year. I carry a gun now because it is my right, and ultimately, my family and I are the only ones that matter. Let me clarify, I do not care if you are bleeding out on the ground in front of me because you were gang raped by some middle eastern thug, you do not have a right to anything of mine. You do not have a right to my assistance. The only thing you have a right to is to lie there and die. Now, if you were to ask me, the story might be different. I thoroughly enjoy helping people as it pays dividends when it comes to business relationships and politics. See what I did there? Even when helping people, humans have a selfish motive.

Case in point: I have made it my life goal to become the thing society despises the most. I will be physically superior than you, I will be financially superior to you, and I will not stop for one second because you need a hand or your feelings got hurt. Liberals, I am your worst enemy ten years from now. Start counting...

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