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S'Up Bro?

Welcome. Voat isn't like other sites, so enjoy the lulz, but watch where you step. Freedom means some people will shit on the floor and we occasionally have to kick goat kid's ass when they stink up the family room.

Thanks for stopping by.

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You may find things that you don't like or agree with on Voat, but that's the nature of free speech. I've created a tool for dealing with such content and you are free to use it. I call it "Just Ignore It 2.0". Here, try it out; Fuck you, you fucking nigger faggot cracker-ass kike tranny libtard cuckservative commie. Oh, and welcome to Voat!

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What about the children, will somebody please think about the children!

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Fuck 'em.

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Welcome home. It's different here. Forget about that other place.

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Welcome, always glad to have another free thinker here.

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Welcome. You have lots of patience.

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You're not really getting hazed, but then again we aren't being invaded at the moment.

Also niggerfaggot is a term of endearment here.