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I don't understand this. I agree with this stuff, but this is just creating yet another alternative echochamber, just like Gab.

Not everyone here has a clue about Gab, I'm one of them.

This isn't an echo chamber at all, the /v/introductions sticky merely laid down the scoresheet of what ideas won out here. The ideas that win here are the ideas that are best supported and argued for.

As almost everyone else in these comments said, your post has not been deleted, so attempting to put Voat in the same basket as rEddit is dishonest, and shows that you're not really here to discuss anything earnestly. If you're just here to spew bullshit, you'll be happy to know that you join the ranks of some of the most stubborn, loudmouthed, dishonest people most of us have ever come across.

The people whose ranks you'll join by arguing dishonestly are the kind that will never, no matter how well supported the other side is, change their minds, or even admit that there might be an ounce of merit to the alternative viewpoint.

With just the quoted line I'm justified in calling you a concern troll.

You're not activile supressing opinions like Reddit, but instead it's activile encouraged to have only certain types of opinions.

What a shocker that having opinions that win in arguments is encouraged! WE CAN'T HAVE THAT! MUH EQUALITY!

You're not making a good case for your continued presence here. You're also not doing any favors to those few that constantly whine about our hard-fought narrative, since your argument seems to be from a position of "equality = good".

Not all beings are created equal, not all ideas are created equal. Some ideas, given a platform upon which they can be heard simply fail, and your entire post suggests that you believe this could not possibly have happened.

I know not whether it's because you think it impossible, or because you just cannot cognitively comprehend that events could have happened before you came here causing other narratives to die off.

I fail to see how that's any better.

Then your mind is broken. You may have a mind that is workable for the current IRL rEddit-esque narrative, but once the pendulum swing causes that SJW shit to die, you'll be stuck wondering how we ever came to better conclusions about reality than those degenerates.

You're basically admitting here that you believe no idea deserves a pedestal, and while in the SJW world, where every idea is just as shit-tier as the next, you might be right, in a free-speech zone the best ideas deserve their pedestal.

EDIT: Most seem to fail to understand/know that what I quoted above is from v/introductions only stickied post:

I wrote that crash-course introduction to Voat, and it works for 99% of the people that stick around here. It wasn't designed to hold your fucking hand through tossing away rEddit-tier beliefs and axioms that are honestly embarrassing.


Came for a neutral ground. Was dissapointed that that's not the case.

"Came for a place where all ideas are treated as equal, no matter which ones are argued best, or best supported by sources, like rEddit."

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lulz... my reply to this thread is about how we converse, sometimes taking both sides of the argument just for the sake of learning the points and ropes and this comment is a perfect example of how we actually converse here.

Thanks for the tag.

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Are you kidding no me? was the alternate twitter here for awhile! It was introduced in between migrations. ;)

I can't even say 4ch and 8ch are echo chambers like Reddit is...I feel that voat is more like Reddit right before the digg migration. After the digg exodus, Reddit started to first go up due to the members creating interesting subverses and keeping it fresh with content. Now it's just memes stolen from 4chan and a fascist ideology which pushes conservatives to not speak up.

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The ideas that win here are the ideas that are best supported and argued for.

How in the world do you get to this conclusion? We regularly have highly-upvoated posts that are 100% based in fiction. Pizzagaters "won" because they came in large numbers, not because their opinions make sense. When, at any point in voat history, has the popular opinion on an issue shifted without a large migration? Never. When FPH came here, everyone hated fat people. When the racists came, everyone hated niggers. It was never about who argued best, it was always about who brought enough people to back up whatever they say.

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Figured the Jew would have something to say.

Counterexample to your entire comment:

Voat's viewpoint on Jews. No migration needed. And with that, your entire response is shown to be false.