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I am German. My Grandma told me about her own experience. Why would she lie to me?

1) She's a woman.

2) She's related to you

3) Pity points, or importance/status points for being the old cunt in the room with the big life stories

My family is catholic not jewish.

1) I don't believe you.

2) I don't care.

3) If you're not Jewish, then you're a beta cuck faggot that can't even handle the smallest amount of questioning of the axioms of your life. You're an NPC-tier useful idiot.

We have lived here for about a thousand years.

How insanely irrelevant to anything, yet you bring it up as if it could lend weight to anything you have to say. Is this how arguments are won where you're from, kike?

So we are at least as German as anybody else.

Cucked, apparently. If you live in Germany, and are actually German, your ancestors fought and died for the land you are now handing over to sandniggers. How fucking pathetic.

My greatgrandfather was even a major during the time.

So? Are you also a woman? I'm asking because you keep bringing up completely irrelevant shit. A major... in what?

My grandfather on the other side was a Nazi soldier. And not just him. Other relatives of mine, too.

Your great grandfather was a major... somewhere that is undisclosed by you, and your grandfather was a Nazi soldier. Right. Oh, and "other relatives of mine" that nobody seems to care about.

Let me guess, you're going to tell me that they told you all about the holocaust? The thing that it is illegal to question in many countries for some completely legitimate reason? Right.

But let me tell you: I have seen the historic site of a concentration camp.


You can visit them today. I invite you.

I've no reason to go and listen to kike lies about the ancestors of the current abortion of German people. Nazis were fucking heroes, and the allies fucked everything up.


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The thing that it is illegal to question in many countries

Nobody watched us.

The problem is you don't care about the truth. So let me just link you to historic sources - even though I assume you are going to deny it anyway.

If you don't want to read here's a picture:


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What is the context behind said picture?


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Nobody watched us.

This makes no sense in any context I can possibly think of here. Try again.

The problem is you don't care about the truth.

The problem is that I was force-fed the holocaust lie, and found out it was wrong. I'm sure enough that it's wrong to be just fine weathering the "looney conspiracy theorist" responses of normies around me.

So let me just link you to historic sources - even though I assume you are going to deny it anyway.

Historic. Sources. Right.

Several people, both in the comments and in other answers have leapt on the fact that Höss was beaten when he was first arrested and, to varying degrees, tried to argue this somehow invalidates his entire testimony. This is the standard way that Deniers brush aside all of Höss' evidence and a few of those using it here have the stench of Denier around their comments.

Others, however, simply don't seem to have thought their comments through. When Höss was captured his captors already knew who he was. His wife also confirmed it, but he continued to maintain he was a farmer called Lang (knowing that admitting to being Rudolf Höss was tantamount to a death sentence). This was when some of his captors beat him up until he admitted who he was.

Emphasis mine. A shit-tier QUORA (historic, my ass) response about one single admittedly tortured guy.

Tells me nothing at all. One picture? BRAVO you absolute retard, you've managed to convince precisely no one of any part of the holocaust lie.