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He was of an Galilean ethnicity. And the Judaism he practiced was absolutely nothing like modern Judaism, which heavily reformed after christianity popped up.

But of course, you know that. I shouldn't be telling you that. Unless you are making everything up right now.


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  1. Yes, he was, and? Still a Jew.
  2. Yes, modern Judaism is very different. But I'm not talking about Judaism at all. I'm talking about ethnicity. My religion is Christianity, not Judaism.


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The only thing that is the same about his ethnicity and yours is the label 'Jew'. But as you know, modern Jews are khazars and replaced most of the ancient Jewish population. Its like saying modern Egyptians were the same as ancient Egyptians, even though they are mostly Arabs and have less than 1% of the same haplotype.

The ethnic Jew label is mostly meaningless anyway except in the most hardcore of communities due to centuries of breeding out.

My point wasn't that your ethnicity doesn't exist, it was, what's the point? Why do you associate with it? It relies on the same word as a religion that wishes to persecute you and hates our Lord. Why wouldn't you say 'ethnically Jewish' instead of 'Jewish' when talking about it?

Its either that you are trying to start shit by catching idiots that don't know what you are talking about, in which case, good job but shouldn't you be leading by example of what it means to be a Christian instead of irritating others with ambiguity?

But whatever, I don't care. Its a meaningless conversation, do what you want.

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