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[–] VinnZoat [S] 23 points -17 points (+6|-23) ago  (edited ago)

I'm 95% sure you're trolling to test me. Or, you are just completely crazy. Either way, it doesn't matter :)

Try to offend me some more!


[–] Crensch 2 points 15 points (+17|-2) ago 

False dichotomy. I mean every word, and got here via information being available to me about your kind. You can blend in and be on the correct side of subjects and be fine here. The moment you step off into kikery, you'll be reminded to grab a towel and soap bar.


[–] VinnZoat [S] 22 points -18 points (+4|-22) ago 

Honestly, I have NO idea what you even have against us, or what "kikery" is supposed to be. We tend to occupy pretty powerful positions, sure. So?

Please do expand, because​ I sincerely don't know what grudge you hold against us.