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That's kinda sad though to admit that this place is horrible and you wouldn't want any nice person to come here and see it. Makes me feel like a horrible person.


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It's not horrible, it's just not a safe place for people who are rooted in their world views.

You can't just take a pleb, unplug them from the machine, and tell them how it really is. They'll explode or completely reject the knowledge.

My biggest red pill moment was realizing that the holocaust was all a lie. I went and rewatched Schindler's List all the way through, just to hit stop at the part where smoke is pouring out of the fake chimney at Auschwitz that was built in 1947... They knew, and they lied to us. I cried multiple times watching that movie growing up. I felt betrayed.

Most people would reject that pill. Most people accept the reality they've been given. The masses do not want to be unplugged from the machine.