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Ok yes it was in v/museumofvoat which is a good souce to look thru for newer users. History has been documented there, a bit. I recommend reading the whole thread for a more complete story. But its mostly in my comment there.


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It was a long time ago in a verse just over there. AskVoat had a power tripping mod who deleted stuff and basically treated the sub as her fiefdom and users were peasants. It turned into a huge shitstorm. Let me see if i can find a synopsis post i made once about it, maybe it was in museumofvoat... If i can find it ill be back.


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I don't recall responding in that thread, nor do I recall your username save your activity lately (I do believe you're awesome). Glad you had that post available.

So much of Voat's history is lost to the ages, and to slimg, but it's good to know some bits and pieces survive because of people like you.