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I am also an old lady who is new to all of this. So much to learn, but looking forward to it.

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Welcome, I still have no clue what I am doing on here, most of my posts are rejected by 1,2,3 code? but I will carry on nevertheless.
I only came onto VOAT after the recommendation of David Seaman, who I was following on YouTube re: pizzagate investigations. He is a Columnist who used to work for The Huffington Post I believe, and his column was taken from him because he mentioned Hillary Clintons health. Anyway they started deleting his well studied info, even deleting his Wikipedia page, so that is why I am here. I love my family, love especially my grandchildren and most of my time is dedicated there but in my spare time I enjoy the internet, even though I am not great on it. Thank you for your upvote and welcome also to VOAT. :)

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Hi there.

Glad you could join us. Have any interests?

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Hi Diogenes, Not a lot other than my enjoying life and my family, especially my grandchildren. Fairly boring for some people but I love it. Very interested in seeing the right thing regarding truth and good morals, which is why I came to Voat. I don't like how YouTube, Google etc., are kicking hiding posts of good people for telling/exposing the truth online. I follow David Seaman and he moved to Voat. I am looking forward to the day that all this pizzagate stuff will be brought to justice and children are a lot safer than they are right now.
Thats about it :) thanks for the upvote.

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No worries.

A nice way of browsing is going on voat.co/v/all/new.

Enjoy yourself.

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hello! I think its really neat that you're getting involved with the internets.

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Yeah, our pizzagate sub is a bit delete happy, but at least it's not as deleted as pizzagate in other places. Anyway, welcome to Voat and enjoy your stay!

Oh yeah, make sure to subscribe to /v/pizzagate2 as well. The mods don't delete as much over there.

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Thank you :)

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wana see my cock?

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Old ladies love roosters.